Dell OptiPlex GX260: Video and Audio Drivers for Windows 7

Dell OptiPlex GX260/270/280 Video and Audio Drivers for Windows 7.Tested and 100% Working.

Dell does not officially support Windows 7 drivers for the OptiPlex GX260 model. All drivers available on the official support and download website for Dell OptiPlex GX260 are incompatible with Windows 7 and therefore they do not match when the computer is running this operating system. These official drivers can be installed only if the computer has installed at most Windows XP.

To properly set the video and monitor parameters when you install the OS Windows 7 is needed specific compatible drivers. The same goes for audio drivers. If a compatible audio driver is not installed the computer can not play audio and remains silent.

From my own experience in looking for these drivers on the network and the numerous inquiries and requests that are made in many pages and forums I can ensure it is not easy to find video card drivers compatible with Windows 7 and almost impossible to obtain the audio drivers.

In the case of video drivers, you can find several compatible drivers for models GX260/270/280. There are some links to pages that provide these drivers below.

As I said, getting a compatible audio driver with Windows 7 is extremelly difficult if you do not want to resort to risky sites of paid downloads. I can say that on any of the visited pages, which were many, I’ve got an appropriate response or a reference to sites that provide links to downloadable files that relate an audio driver compatible with Win7 for the Dell OptiPlex GX260 computer. However, indirectly, by analyzing the proposals offered by some apps for updating drivers applied to the GX260, I could identify a driver compatible with Windows Vista so it is with Windows 7.

As a result of all this, here is a downloadable file, from some different servers, containing a video driver and audio driver needed for your Del OptiPlex GX260 behave as we all want. Needless to say that I have installed in my GX260 and both work 100%.

How to Install audio drivers:

– Extract the file containing the driver
– Run “sepup.exe”

How to Install video drivers:

– Extract the file containing the driver
– Open Device Manager then select Standard VGA Adapter
– Right click on it then click “Update Driver Software”
– Now click on “Browse my computer for driver software”
– Then click “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”
– Now click on “Have Disk” then click “Browse” and select the directory where you extracted the driver file and click Next

Restart your PC and Enjoy your Window 7 at full resolution. 🙂

Before installing Windows 7 it is recommended too make some changes in the BIOS that will give us a bit more video memory and increased performanceHERE it is explained how (spanish).

Download drivers file from any of these servers:

Drivers_Dell_Optiplex_GX260_W7.rar (Mirror 1)
Drivers_Dell_Optiplex_GX260_W7.rar (Mirror 2)
Drivers_Dell_Optiplex_GX260_W7.rar (Mirror 3) 

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