Star Wars Episodio VII – El despertar de la Fuerza. Spoiler completo

STAR WARS – EPISODIO VII. El despertar de la Fuerza

La película empieza con un texto necesario para ubicar la historia:

“Hace mucho tiempo en una galaxia muy, muy lejana…

El Imperio del mal ha sido reemplazado ppor la Primera Orden y la República continúa luchando; todo el mundo se pregunta dónde ha estado escondido Luke Skywalker todos estos años”, se lee en la apertura de la proyección.

La trama comienza con Poe Dameron, el piloto de la Resistencia (Oscar Isaac), quien hace un viaje al planeta de Jakku para obtener un dispositivo con pistas sobre Skywalker de parte del anciano local Lor San Tekka (Max von Sydow).

A punto de ser capturado, Poe logra introducir el dispositivo dentro de un pequeño androide globular llamado BB-8 para pedirla que se mantenga fuera de problemas y lo resguarde.

Aquí aparece Finn (John Boyega), un solado de asalto, quien ayuda a Poe a escapar de los malhechores, lo que permite más adelante a Poe rescatar el dispositivo.

Han Solo aparece, aunque su caminar es lento debido a la edad.

La historia vuelve a tener imponentes y espectaculares escenas de batallas galácticas, además de enfrentamientos de tierra en donde no faltan las luminosas espadas.

En la cinta se presenta la actuación de Lupita Nyong’o, pero de forma camuflada ya que aparece como Maz Kanata, dueña de una taberna que se acerca al legendario Yoda, pero con un rostro digitalizado.

En la historia, mientras que el Imperio fue vencido hace mucho tiempo, el lado oscuro se ha trasladado a un nuevo régimen imperialista conocido como Primer Orden.

Entre sus mayores orquestadores está Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), un aspirante a Darth Vader que usa una mascarilla mecanizada y equipado con un sable de luz, amenazante en varios frentes y poderes similares a los del villano que solía responder al nombre de Anakin Skywalker.

Y sí, Han Solo muere a manos de Kylo Ren, hijo del mismo Solo y de la Princesa Leia.


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Luke Skywalker has vanished. In his absence the FIRST ORDER has risen from the ashes of the Empire and will not rest until Skywalker, the last Jedi, has been destroyed. A glimmer of hope remains in the heroic forces of the Resistance. General Leia Organa dispatches her top pilot to recover a clue that may lead to her missing brother.

The dark enforcer Kylo Ren, obsessed with the Skywalker lineage, learns of the Resistance plan and arrives at the planet Jakku to intercept the pilot…

Scroll down to a First Order Star Destroyer. Troop Landers depart the docking bay and head towards the surface of the desert planet Jakku. Stormtroopers of the FIRST ORDER await in the cramped silence of the troop lander as it descends towards the planet Jakku. One trooper is out of sync as they prepare their weapons to disembark.

(Editor’s note) The planet Jakku hosts the graveyard of a massive conflict between the Empire and Rebellion. The unforgiving desert is littered with the remnants of spacecraft and hardware from both sides of the civil war.

In a small village, a spiritual leader name Lor San Tekka has settled in the Kelvin Ravine where he shares his knowledge of the Jedi with those who are willing to remember. He witnessed their power first hand and has been a follower of the Church of the Force ever since.

He hopes that someday their light will return to the Galaxy.

(Editor’s Note) Lor is a wealth of information having witnessed the Clone Wars and is always willing to share his tales. General Leia learns he has knowledge vital to give to the Resistance, a map from Luke Skywalker that will help them against the First Order. Leia dispatches one of her top pilots, Poe Dameron, on a retrieval mission.

Poe arrives at night in his X-Wing along with his droid BB-8, unknowing that a sinister agent from the First Order has learned of the mission and is hot on Poe’s trail.


At night, in a remote village on Jakku…

“This will begin to make things right,” Lor San Tekka says as he hands over the map data to a grateful Poe.

BB-8 grows nervous when the stillness of the night is interrupted by the approach of First Order breaking orbit. BB-8 hurries to find his master.

After hearing the droids report, Poe tells Lor, “We’ve got company.” The old man urges Poe to leave.

Poe returns to his X-Wing and grabs a rifle as the villagers prepare to defend themselves. As Poe watches the troop landers descend, he realizes an escape might not be possible and sends a message. Under the cover of night, First Order troop landers touch down. “Ground assault commence” is heard as the ramps lower. Villagers open fire on the elite stormtroopers as they disembark. Blue and red blaster fire blazes across the village.

One nervous trooper, FN-2187, is told to kill anyone who resists. FN attempts to carry out his orders but appears uneasy about killing unarmed innocents. He’s shaken by the death of a squad mate who leaves a mark on his helmet. Blood from the massacre can be seen splattered on his visor.

Poe sends another mayday as he watches a large ship approach.

Amidst the chaos, a large winged command shuttle lands. The dark hooded enforcer, Kylo Ren, descends and confidently approaches the village. He ignites his fiery plasma sword reminiscent of ancient designs, only more recently constructed.

Kylo demonstrates his ability with the Dark Side of the Force as he easily subdues those who resist.

The helpless flee from doorways as flametroopers ignite huts, flushing hiding villagers into the open. Troopers drag shocked innocents into submission.

The chrome plated Captain Phasma begins a ruthless assault, showing her stony temper as she snipes down any attempting to flee. She scolds a trooper for not doing the same saying, “Fire FN-2187.”

With troopers approaching his ship, Poe’s mission is in jeopardy.

He hides the item within BB-8, instructing the droid to flee and return to Leia by any means necessary.

BB-8 gently urges retreat, but Poe refuses. The droid doesn’t want to leave his master, but after several strong commands, BB-8 rolls off into the desert.

As fires burn brightly across the village, Poe evades the approaching troopers, circling his ship to skirt detection and provide cover for BB-8’s exit.

With huts in flames and most of the village resistance lying dead in the sand, Phasma and the First Order troopers secure the site, rounding up remaining survivors.

With the village secured and the rebellion crushed, a security trooper informs Kylo they’ve detained the village leader, Lor San Tekka.

The masked Kylo approaches and confronts the elder Lor, attempting to extract information on the pilot and his mission.

Hidden, Poe watches from a nearby vantage point as Lor refuses to cooperate with the First Order agent.

As Poe watches, Kylo loses his patience and executes Lor with a slash from his fiery plasma sword.

Furious, Kylo orders Phasma and the troopers to search for the hidden Resistance pilot.

Kylo then turns his attention to the remaining civilians.

Distraught at being separated from his master, BB-8 nervously rolls away into the desert.

When an explosion lights up the night, the droid turns his sensors to see an explosion from Poe’s X-Wing. He lets out a few sad beeps as he watches the flames shoot into the night sky.

Back at the village center, Kylo considers the fate of the gathered survivors when he senses something from behind.

Kylo and the troopers turn in unison to confront the sneaking pilot, Poe who is about to fire his rifle at Kylo.

Instinctively, Kylo stretches out his hand and uses the Force to stop a blaster bolt from Poe in mid-air.

Troopers arrest Poe and Kylo orders the troopers to cleanse the village and eliminate remaining survivors. FN is reluctant to join in, not wanting to kill innocents in cold blood.

He orders Poe to be moved to a prison cell aboard the orbiting Star Destroyer where he’ll await interrogation.

Out on the sand, BB-8 watches as the ships depart, then rolls off into the desert, unaware he’s being observed.


Up above the planet…

Kylo’s shuttle and the troop landers depart Jakku and return to the orbiting Star Destroyer.

As they escort the prisoner Poe to detention, FN recedes back into the

corner of the lander. Blood from the massacre is still visible on his armor. In a moment of doubt, he removes his helmet and trembles.

His contemplation is interrupted when Captain Phasma approaches.

Phasma tells the trooper to put his helmet back on and he does. She reminds him to , “submit your blaster for inspection,” then heads out.

Finn realizes that his failure to fire on the villagers will be discovered if they check the charges on his blaster.

FN retreats from the lander sensing his life is now in incredible danger.


Transition to day – early morning on Jakku.

The scavenger, Rey, is living a solitary and mundane life, searching for anything of value that will help her survive on Jakku. Using tremendous agility, she deftly climbs through the wreckage of a fallen Star Destroyer.

She stops to stand at a ledge hundreds of feet in the air overlooking a large precipice. Below her, TIE Fighters litter the ground. She descends to acquire parts that will fetch a decent price at the market.

With her satchel full, she heads toward a sliver of light. As she exits the derelict ship, she pulls a canteen from her pack, tapping the last remaining drops into her parched mouth.

She slides down a dune pulling a makeshift sled of parts and begins to load them onto the side of her timeworn speeder.

With the heat simmering, she races through the husks of the battleship graveyard and heads towards the local Outpost.


Niima Outpost…

(Editor’s note) This backwater port is vital to the survival of anyone living on Jakku. If you’re hungry or need water, you’ll need to deal with the unscrupulous vendors who prey on the needs of the scavengers for profit. Rey deals mostly with the nefarious trader Unkar Plutt.

The port is frequented by smugglers and traders alike. Ships are frequently parked near the marketplace. Rey’s lived on Jakku since she was five years old and has learned the way of life, but there’s a sad longing in her eyes. Solitary and self-sufficient, one has to wonder what keeps her here.

Rey arrives at the outpost and lugs some scrap over to a cleaning station where she sits to scrubs the parts in hopes of improving their selling value.

As she sits cleaning her wares, she notices a family preparing to leave the planet. When she pauses to watch them, distant memories flood her mind.

She makes her way to the vendor Unkar to sell some items. They haggle, but her desperate need of sustenance leaves her with a raw deal.

As the sun dips lower, she zooms home to her hovel for the evening.


Rey’s Hovel…

(Editor’s note) This concept art shows an early vision for Rey’s hovel, carved out of the innards of a downed AT-AT. Rey lives alone in this makeshift shelter, repair projects strewn about.

A quad jumper ship can be seen hidden in the belly of the home along with a dual engine speeder parked outside. Since these two items have now been seen parked at Niima Outpost, it remains to be seen if we’ll see these or similar vehicles at Rey’s home.

Rey returns to her home, unwinding after a long day, but happy to have some food.

She sits outside in the shade of the fallen AT-AT eating her meal as she watches air traffic from the outpost.

The transport the family boarded blasts away from the port and ascends into the sky.

A look of solitude washes over Rey’s face.


In the Star Destroyer Detention Block…

The Resistance pilot Poe has been restrained in a detention block cell awaiting his fate. Bruises and blood are visible on his face.

The dark enforcer Kylo Ren enters his cell and calmly tells him, “You know what I’ve come for.”

Kylo is confident he’ll get the pilot to talk with some not-so-subtle persuasion. Stretching out his hand, Kylo uses the Force to probe Poe’s mind.

Poe’s face contorts as Kylo’s hand searches his mind. Poe screams as his will bends under the pressure.

Kylo pushes deeper, ultimately snapping the captive pilot unconscious.

He exits and tells General Hux to be on the lookout for the pilot’s astromech. Kylo believes the item they’re after is somewhere on the planet’s surface with the droid.

The calculating Hux complies, watching carefully as the Dark warrior recedes down the hall.


In a Holochamber…

Kylo makes contact with his master, Lord Snoke via hologram.

Kylo shares the information he pulled from Poe, revealing that the droid holds a map that leads to Luke Skywalker.


Back at Rey’s Hovel…

As she prepares her home for the evening, Rey’s alerted by a nearby cry. She grabs her staff and runs down the legs of her the fallen AT-AT to investigate the commotion. She spots a struggle on a nearby dune.

Teedo, a desert scavenger riding a Luggabeast, has tracked BB-8 through the night and captured it in a net. The droid is upset.

Rey intervenes, scolding the scavenger for mistreating such a valuable droid. She pulls a knife from her back and releases the droid from an uncertain fate. Rey sends the other scavenger away as she begins to repair the droid’s bent antenna.

Turning to BB-8, Rey curiously asks, “Where do you come from?”

BB-8 answers with a few funny sounds and head movements.

“Classified. Really,” Rey retorts with friendly sarcasm, “Me too.”

She’ll have to wait until the droid is ready to share its story. The droid lets out a few beeps. “I know all about waiting,” Rey tells her new friend.

BB-8 lets out a few questioning blips as it follows her.

“For my family,“ Rey says as she leads them back to her hovel for the night. BB-8 gives a soft response.


Back at Niima Outpost…

The next day Rey and BB-8 return to the port. She’s developing a fondness for the little ball droid, even if it won’t give her a straight answer.

Rey returns to Unkar to buy some more food but the vendor seems more interested in the droid than anything else she has to offer. Unkar offers Rey a wealth of food and water for BB-8, but she refuses, telling him, “The droid is not for sale.” This doesn’t seem to sit well with the unscrupulous trader as he tells his men to follow her and take the droid.

BB-8 warms to Rey after the exchange and shares with her details of his mission, seeking her aid. She’s not sure what to make of the droid.

As they continue their errands, BB-8 alerts Rey they’re being followed.

Rey turns to see several of Unkar Plutt’s thugs approaching.

Rey shows her skills with a staff as she defends herself and the droid from the attack.

A local peacekeeper, Constable Zuvio, steps in to break up the tussle.

After settling the issue with the Constable, she heads back to her dwelling, keenly aware that the dastardly Unkar would like nothing better than to get his hands on her new droid.

Sensing his life in jeopardy, FN-2187 makes a decision that will forever alter his future.

Instead of reporting to Phasma and certain doom, he makes a decision to escape while he still can. He equips his armor and works his way into the detention area to Poe’s cell.


On the Star Destroyer in orbit…

An exhausted Poe senses dread when a stormtrooper arrives at his cell to escort him away.

Poe, not certain what to make of this trooper, makes a wise crack.

FN replies, “Listen, I’ve had a pretty messed up day,” and removes his helmet to reveal his identity and announce his intentions to escape.

The hitch is that he’s not a pilot but that’s where Poe comes in.

After convincing Poe, Finn (FN) cuffs the pilot and leads him at gunpoint through the corridors of the Star Destroyer hoping to go unnoticed.


The Hangar Bay…

When they arrive at the TIE Fighter launch bay, they both quickly squeeze into the cockpit of an awaiting fighter and Poe powers up the craft.

Realizing there’s been an unauthorized power up, the deck officer issues an alarm.

Stormtroopers rush towards the hangar in response but the TIE launches, pulling its power umbilical as it wobbles away from the docking station.

Chaos ensues as Finn unleashes twin laser cannons from the rear turret.

They knock out the command tower with an explosive blast.

Finn continues firing as Poe plots a speedy escape from the hangar, yanking away from the attached umbilical. As Poe gets the hang of the flight controls, he quips, “I can fly anything,” as they depart the hangar.

Poe heads towards the surface of Jakku, but Finn objects saying, “We go back to Jakku, we die!”. Poe tells him it’s their only choice.

As the stolen TIE speeds away from the Star Destroyer, Poe and Finn exchange more formal introductions. Without a hyperdrive, they have limited range. They may have only seconds before they’re caught in a tractor beam.

Finn has an idea — They head towards the underbelly.


Star Destroyer Bridge…

Phasma reports to Hux on the escapees, naming FN-2187 as the defector. Hux orders them to capture the TIE with the tractor beam.

(Editor’s note): Star Wars: Before the Awakening book explains Phasma’sand Hux believed ‘87 would become a great leader. He was in the top 1% of his class. However, Phasma has had doubts about Finn due to his empathy for other soldiers.


TIE cockpit…

Finn has locked on to a sensitive array underneath the Star Destroyer and opens fire.

The array explodes in a fireball as Poe pilots the TIE through the debris.


Star Destroyer Bridge…

A technician reports critical systems damage and they can’t tractor the TIE. Hux orders, “Take them out.”

The Star Destroyer launches missiles at the escaping TIE. One impacts and begins to tear the ship apart. Finn begins to regret his decision saying, “I never should have rescued you!”

As the TIE tumbles towards the surface, Poe fights to make a safe landing on the surface. Before impact, Finn is ejected onto the sand and rolls to a stop.

The TIE disappears over a sand dune and releases a ball of smoke. Exhausted and dazed, Finn loses consciousness.

A short while later, Finn awakens startled on the hot sand. After finding his bearings, he heads in the direction of the crash, locating the smoking wreckage of the TIE. It’s in bad shape and there is no sign of Poe.

Fearing troops will soon descend at the site, Finn strips off his armor. Nearby, he spots Poe’s jacket and takes it with him. The TIE sinks into the sand.

With no knowledge of his surroundings, Finn follows what he hopes is a path towards civilization. He’s passed by a speeder kicking dust in his face. Finn follows the speeder’s path until he spots a nearby outpost.


Aboard the Star Destroyer…

Kylo Ren, Phasma and the General discuss the reports on the escape, singling out the traitor stormtrooper as the cause.

A detachment has found the remains of the TIE fighter but night is falling and there is no sign of the escapees, or the missing droid.

Kylo orders the General to divert all available resources to locating the missing pilot and recovering the droid.


Niima Outpost…

In the early morning, Rey and BB-8 head back to the port to find several stormtroopers patrolling the streets. BB-8 takes a low profile as they move about town. Rey heads to Unkar’s stall.

Finn has also made it to the port and remains incognito as he looks for a meal. He’s short on cash and the food sellers aren’t known for charity.

BB-8 recognizes Finn and tells Rey.

Rey follows and confronts Finn, punching him. “What’s your hurry, thief?”

She asks him as he backpedals.

Finn lies and tells her that he’s a member of the Resistance.

After his recent actions, Rey doesn’t trust him and walks away. Finn follows her as she makes her way through the market.

The vendors are seen conversing with First Order stormtroopers.

Finn persists with Rey. As she is telling him off, BB-8 rolls in with an urgent report. It makes a few troubled beeps, turns its head, then quickly rolls out.

Curious, the two follow BB-8 to a vantage point in the marketplace where they see a First Order troop carrier landing nearby and additional stormtroopers unloading.

When the stormtroopers head their way, Finn realizes their time is up. He grabs Rey’s hand and starts running. She demands, “Let go of me!”

Finn sprints, with her in tow, yelling, “We’ve got to move!”

Stormtroopers begin opening fire on the marketplace and chaos ensues.

Some vendors fight back, but are quickly silenced. Finn glances overhead to see TIE fighters approaching.

The stormtroopers give chase through the marketplace. As Rey realizes the troops are indiscriminately killing, she breaks into a run, following Finn.

TIE fighters make strafing passes on the market unleashing massive explosions as the local populace scatters. One blast sends them all to the ground. Rey realizes they need a plan and extends a helping hand to Finn saying, “Follow me.”

As the TIE fighters make another pass, Rey, Finn and BB-8 sprint towards the parked transports. Rey claims they might outrun the TIEs in a nearby quad jumper. Finn points out that they need a pilot, Rey responds, “We’ve got one.” But as they approach the jumper, it explodes.

Plan B. They run towards an old YT-1300 freighter under repair at the port – A piece of junk known as the Millennium Falcon.

The three fugitives run up the ramp of the old ship as the TIEs strafe behind them. Finn asks if she’s even flown this type of ship before. . .

Rey heads to the cockpit while directing Finn to the turret.

Rey fires up the engines as Finn uncomfortably takes a seat in the oddly moving chair of the ship’s lower turret.

Simultaneously muttering, “I can do this,” the pair prepares for takeoff.

Rey blasts out of the outpost, firing up the thrusters to maximum.

Finn is caught off guard when the turret seat moves on its own to maintain orientation.

TIE fighters give chase as the Falcon leaves the scene.

Rey berates Finn, asking if he is going to start firing any time soon.

Frustrated at the moving chair and controls, he yells back, “I don’t know what to do!”

Showing off her uncanny piloting skills with the Falcon, Rey evades the pursuing TIE Fighters. As Finn gets his bearings in the turret, he tells her, “Stay low and put up the shields.”

Finn gets the guns working and starts to blast at the pursuers. He tries his best to land a shot but has difficulty adjusting to the maneuvers Rey’s pulling. Finn knocks out one of the TIEs. Finn tells himself, “I’m getting pretty good at this.”

As they cheer, two more TIEs join the chase. Finn yells, “We need cover quick!”.

They use the terrain and some local scavengers to knock out a few pursuers, but one TIE is on them like glue. A TIE knocks out the turret, jamming the gun. Finn yells that it’s all up to Rey.

Using her knowledge of the ship graveyard and skills with the Falcon, Rey lures the last TIE into the belly of a super star destroyer. As she get’s ready to pull a hairy maneuver, she tells BB-8 to hold on. Finn quips, “Are we really doing this!?”

BB-8 uses his grappling hooks to balance himself in the spinning hallway.

Rey pulls an incredible loop maneuver to destroy the last pursuing fighter. She angles the ship towards orbit where they can make a run for it.


The Starkiller Planet…

Kylo’s shuttle descends towards an icy world, a large visible weapon system of immense proportions is visible across one hemisphere of the planet.

The shuttle lands amidst an honor guard. Kylo and Hux descend the ramp and enter the vast underground base. They proceed to a throne room and approach the Supreme Lord Snoke, a powerful dark side user.

Hux apologizes for failure to secure the map, and Snoke says they need a new strategy. Hux says the weapon is ready and that they should use it on the Republic in order to cripple support for the Resistance. Hux promises they’ll get to Luke before the Resistance does. Snoke commands General Hux to ready the weapon for use.

The General turns and leaves to make preparations.

Snoke says to Kylo, “There has been an awakening, have you felt it?” “Yes.” Kylo replies. Snoke says there’s more and reveals that the droid is aboard the Falcon, in the hands of Kylos father, Han Solo.

Kylo says Han means nothing to him but Snoke replies, “Even you , master of the Knights of Ren, have never faced such a test.”

Kylo tells Snoke that he won’t be seduced.

Snoke says, “We’ll see… we’ll see.”


On the Falcon…

Rey and Finn discuss the escape from Jakku and their current predicament. Safe for the moment, they introduce themselves.

“I don’t know your name,” Rey says and he replies “Finn.”

“I’m Rey,” she says as they strike up a more friendlier conversation.

Finn’s certain the First Order has placed an order for his arrest and marked the ship. They’ll be wanted within governed systems. They’ll need a safe place to land.

Finn shares some of his story with her as they discuss what to do next.

He admits that he’s uncertain what his future path holds. He says, “I’ve been raised to do one thing, but I’ve got nothing to fight for.”

She tells Finn about BB-8’s mission to return to the Resistance. BB-8 provides coordinates and they set course.

As they discuss, the power in the Falcon goes out and they rush to the cockpit to determine the source. They look up out the window and a look of fear crosses their faces as they watch a massive freighter about to capture and pull them into the ship’s front docking bay.

Finn believes that they’ve been caught and that the gig is up, but Rey says that there’s still options and shows Finn the secret floor panels where they quickly hide.

(Editor’s note) Han and Chewie have been looking for the Falcon for years, but in the meantime have spent considerable wealth to acquire a massive Baleen-class heavy freighter – the Eravana.

No longer affiliated with the Rebellion, the former General has returned to a life as a smuggler and freelancer.

After the events of Endor, Han married an influential politician (Leia) and settled down as a family man and for a while became a racing pilot. Together, they had a son who was sent to train at Luke’s Jedi Academy.

A profound tragedy at the Academy shattered the family and changed Han’s life forever.

Han’s tried to trick out the Eravana but it just isn’t the same as his old hunk-of-junk. When he finally finds the Falcon, he and Chewie feel like they’re finally home –back where they started. (as reported in the visual dictionary)


Pirate Ship Docking Bay…

The Falcon is captured and brought into a massive pirate ship where it’s parked near shipping containers. Uncertain what lies ahead, Rey, Finn, and BB-8 hide silently in the smuggling compartments.

The ramp lowers and in walks Han Solo and Chewbacca, guns drawn. Han tells Chewie, “We’re home.“ Han spots a clue and realizes someone’s used a familiar hiding spot. He pulls the kids out at and tells Chewie to secures the ship.

Han asks them how they got the ship. Rey says it was on Jakku and was stolen many times. “Well Han Solo just stole back the Millennium Falcon for good.”

Rey’s heard of Han and the Rebellion, but thought it might be a legend. Han examines the ship while they attempt to convince him they need to get BB-8 to the Resistance. Han says he’s no longer a General and wants them off his ship.

Rey pleads, “No! We have to get BB-8 to the Resistance base. He has information about Luke Skywalker.” Han stops in his tracks because Luke has been missing for years.

Before Han can ask about Luke, a large noise is heard outside the ship. Han says, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Han tells them to get back in the secret compartment while he and Chewie investigate. Thugs from the nefarious Kanjiklub, an outer rim gang, approach the ship. Han sends the crew out with explosives and heads out to deal with the gang.

Tasu Leech approaches and begins to question Solo. Han does his best to negotiate with a smile, but they want the money he owes them.

As Han negotiates, Rey and Finn crawl into an access tunnel beneath the tarmac, passing by emergency release switches on the volatile cargo as they approach directly underneath the gang.

They overhear Tasu accuse Han of two-timing and it sounds like they aren’t buying his story. Rey and Finn plant an explosive charge beneath the gang just as another group arrives, the Guavian Death Gang. They realize Han’s in trouble.

Han nervously pretends this is all a great coincidence. Rey points to the emergency cargo releases and Finn tells her she’s crazy. Both gangs say that a bounty has been put out on the droid last seen in the Falcon, and they both want BB-8. Solo’s running out of options.

As the gangs point their weapons, Finn nods at Rey and she hits the emergency release switches, but instead of shutting the blast doors, she opens the Cargo containers and chaos ensues as giant tentacled Rathtars spring forward with razor sharp teeth throughout the bay. Explosions ring and gang members are dragged off.

Chewie’s arm gets shot in the fight and he drops his crossbow. Han picks it up and shoots the gang, providing enough cover that they can retreat back to the Falcon.

Several Rathtars climb over the ship, looking for something or someone to eat.

One of the Rathtars grabs Finn and is dragging it closer to its mouth when Rey hits the controls on a blast door saving Finn.

Han orders everyone swiftly aboard. They run up the ramp, barely making it through the doors as they shut.

Han tells Finn to tend to Chewie’s wound as he and Rey take the controls.

“We’re going to jump to lightspeed,” Han says.

“From inside the hangar? Is that even possible?” Rey wonders, a bit concerned.

“I never ask that question until after I’ve done it,” Han nervously replies.

Han tries to fire up the engines but it sputters, whining with a familiar sigh. Han has a look of frustration on his face.

Rey smacks the panel next to her and the engine starts to spool up. They both smile at each other.

“Come on, baby, don’t let me down!” Han says as he pulls the thrusters and begins the jump to lightspeed. The Falcon bursts from the hangar, splattering the pets as it rockets towards hyperspace.

(Editor’s note) Starkiller Base has remained hidden away from the rest of the Galaxy, violating the treaty restrictions of the New Republic by amassing military might.

Operated by descendants of the Galactic Empire, Starkiller is a massive new superweapon capable of sapping the energy of a sun to destroy an entire star system. It was carved into a remote icy world and contains vast internal infrastructure amidst stone and rock.

It is operated by both navy and army personnel and exists both as a base of operations and a weapon. Defended by missile, TIEs and Turbo-Lasers, the base is also protected by an immensely powerful planetary shield capable of deflecting any orbital bombardment.

Even though the base is the largest concentration of First Order forces, it is not considered the headquarters. Supreme Leader Snoke uses a mobile command center. (as reported in the Visual Dictionary)


Starkiller Base – Parade Grounds…

The base grounds are in full regalia as General Hux gives a rousing speech to platoons of First Order soldiers. The time has come to fire the Star killing weapon and prove their might.

“The Republic lies to the Galaxy, while secretly supporting the treachery of the loathesome Resistance. This fierce machine which you have built, upon which we stand, will bring an end to the Senate.

To their cherished Fleet. All remaining systems will bow to the First Order, and will remember this as the last day of the Republic!”

The troops hail in unison at the rousing speech.

We hear a technician call out, “Transfer to manual control… “ and then Hux yells, “FIRE!”


Starkiller Base…

An immense eruption of plasma energy vents on the horizon. A shockwave blasts past the parade as the soldiers stagger back in awe of the weapon’s power.

Near the weapon’s emitter, the landscape is devastated by the raw destructiveness of the blast.


In orbit…

Kylo Ren watches from his command bridge as a red beam of energy creeps from the planet through space towards a goal.


On a distant planet of the New Republic…

Red beams emit from the Starkiller and split out to destroy all planets in one of the Core Republic systems.

(Editor’s note) The planetary system is not explicitly named, but is considered the seat of power for the Republic. Some think it may be Coruscant due to the number of moons, or Chandrila where Mon Monthma is from. It may also be Hosnian Prime as seen on a recent starmap from the Visual Dictionary.


Aboard the Falcon in Hyperspace…

They’re safe for now and Han gets to work trying to adjust the cockpit.

Rey offers to help, but Han’s got it handled.

Finn is attempting to bandage up Chewie’s arm, but the wookiee isn’t the best patient. Chewie gets mad and Finn backs off.

Han’s emotional to have his ship back and Rey listens as he talks aloud.

He eventually opens up and starts to ask questions. They look at the partial map Hologram from BB-8, realizing they need to get to the Resistance.

Finn tells his story and earns more respect from Han because it sounds an awful lot like his own. Finn describes Kylo and the assault on the village as they explain how they escaped. Rey asks about Han’s past, saying there were stories about what had happened, but that she thought they were all just legends.

Han tells them, “It’s true. All of it. The Force. The dark side. A Jedi.

They’re real.” Han explains Luke’s failed academy and that he’s missing.

Han agrees to take them to the Resistance, but they’ll need to talk to an old friend of his, Maz Kanata on Takodana.

If Finn needs a safe place to hide from the First Order, Maz and her castle of unallied scoundrels can help him disappear. It might be rough though. Han can get them in there, but he’s not exactly the most popular pirate around as they’ve just witnessed.


Aboard the Star Destroyer…

Kylo Ren sits quietly in his meditation chamber. In front of him is the burned helmet of Darth Vader, recovered from the funeral pyre on Endor many years ago. It’s been carefully enshrined in a place of honor.

Kylo senses a disturbance in the Force. Having lost the pilot Poe and failing to recover the item he is after, he expresses his regrets as if speaking to the ghost of Vader.

“Show me the darkness again,” Kylo says to the helmet.

“No one will stand in our way. I will fulfill our destiny. I will finish what you started, grandfather,” Kylo declares.


The planet Takodana…

The Falcon breaks orbit. Rey is enchanted by the lushness of the world, a vast difference than her life on Jakku. The Falcon lands near the castle of the pirate Maz Kanata and the crew disembarks.

Han grabs a few blasters, handing one to Rey saying, “You might need this.”

Rey responds, “I think I can handle myself,” to which Han says, “That’s why I’m giving it to you.” Han offers her a co-pilot job, but she just wants to go home.

As they head up towards the castle and underneath the flags of the unallied pirates, Han tells them about Maz and warns them not to stare. After a few failed attempts to gain entry, Han finally talks their way in.

Inside they find an eclectic band of pirates reveling in the main courtyard.

The entire floor of the castle has been turned into a pub hall with a bartender serving exotic drinks.

Han tells them to keep an eye out as he looks around, but Maz has already interrupted her conversation and is headed their way.

The short ancient pirate Maz pushes her way through the crowd towards Han, reminding him in a loud voice just how many bounties there are on his head.

Han greets her with an anxious confidence and after a moment, the tension eases and everyone returns to drinking. It becomes clear that these are old friends.


Maz’s Refuge – Pub…

As Han begins a private conversation with Maz, the others begin to mingle through the crowd of characters. A band plays a tune nearby as the patrons drink and share stories. Not one to be left on the ship, Chewie shows up with a bandage on his arm.

The kids follow Chewie to a table in the back corner where Han and Maz are seated. Han says that they need help and that Maz has agreed to talk with them.

Unbeknownst to all, droid spies have taken notice of the group and both the Resistance and the First Order now know they’re there.

(Editor’s note) Maz Kanata is a legendary pirate and is thought to be over 1,000 years old. She is considered wise due to her age and all that she’s seen and done. She’s a collector of sorts, hoarding relics and items that she feels may prove useful some day in the future.

Friendly and eccentric, Maz has a knack for intuition and is able to quickly get to know those she meets. Conversely, she’s a bit of mystery to those around her. She is a long-time friend and mentor to Han Solo.

Due to recent events, she’s hidden the fact that she’s Force sensitive as well as the history of her dealings with the Jedi. While not a Jedi herself, she stays strong with the Force in order to keep herself out of danger.

The Castle she’s lived in for the last hundred or so years contains many secrets but is considered a safe haven for smugglers and bounty hunters alike. (as reported in the Visual Dictionary)


Maz’s Refuge – Pub…

Maz has been eyeing the scavenger Rey, sensing the Force at work and begins to question her.

“Who are you,” Maz asks Rey to which she respond, “I’m no-one”.

“I have lived long enough to see the same eyes in different people. I see your eyes.

I know your eyes,” Maz tells a skeptical Rey.

Maz tells Rey, “The Force. It is calling to you.”

Rey is uncertain, but Maz insists, “Just let it in.” Maz tells her to explore the Castle.

Not sure what to make of the cryptic pirate, Rey leaves to find some peace and quiet to think on her own.


In the catacombs below the Castle…

Rey hears the screaming of a young girl and finds herself wandering deeper into the Castle to find the source. She descends to a sub-chambers filled with relics of the past, a vast hoard of knowledge collected by Maz over the centuries.

Compelled by the screaming, Rey finds herself drawn to a specific item – an old Jedi lightsaber, something she has always feared.

She reaches out to touch it and is overwhelmed by an intense Force vision.


The lightsaber’s vision

Rey glimpses moments in time from the saber. We see Rey in the First Order base as it collapses. We hear Darth Vader breathing and Luke screaming, “Nooo!” We see Luke’s metalic hand being placed on top of R2 near a fire.

Rey finds herself lying in the rain at night and wakes up to see the Knights of Ren standing near a slaughter. Ren notices her and walks towards her.

It flashes to a young Rey on Jakku crying up to the sky, “come back,” as she’s told, “Quiet girl,” as she watches a transport fly into orbit.

We hear someone say, “Rey?”

Rey flashes to a snowy forest with Kylo Ren pursuing her.

Rey pulls herself out of the vision in terror. Maz is there and helps to explain what the vision showed, but it is overwhelming. She says the saber was Luke’s and Anakin’s before that. It is calling out to Rey now. Rey wants to go back to Jakku. Maz says Han told her.

“Whoever you are waiting for on Jakku, they are never coming back.

But there’s someone who still could,” Maz say. Rey lips the words,

“Luke”. “The belonging you seek is not behind you, but ahead.”

Upset, Rey wanders up out of the catacombs, through the pub to the safety of the outside woods.

Concerned for his recent caretaker, BB-8 heads out to follow her.


Maz’s Refuge – Pub…

While Han and Chewie speak with Maz, Finn heads out to make a deal of his own. Aware of Kylo Ren’s interest in exterminating the Jedi, Finn heads to the bar eager to disappear from the all troubles of the last day.

There he introduces himself to the first mate Quiggold, partner of the Crimson Corsair.

Finn seeks work off-world, something that will take him to the outer rim. He signs on with Quiggold’s crew. The mate asks Finn what he’s so eager to get away.

Finn responds, “You don’t know me. What I’ve seen. We all need to run.”

Quiggold backs off and gives Finn instructions on how to find their ship.


On a Star Destroyer above Takodana…

Having been tipped off that Millennium Falcon has taken shelter at the pirate castle, General Hux and Captain Phasma prepare to demonstrate the skills of the First Order with a precision assault.

They discuss the attack plans, counting on the element of surprise.

Kylo and Phasma board shuttles as TIE fighters and Troop Landers prepare to depart.

Captain Phasma tells the assault troops, “to your ships, now!”


Outside Maz’s Castle…

Rey has left the pub and is lost in her thoughts, following a nearby trail into the woods. Her sense of dread is soon replaced with a sense of curiosity as she finds herself in the greenery of the mossy forest. She ventures deeper up the path.

As BB-8 catches up, Rey’s lifted spirits are soon brought back down when she hears the soft roar of TIE fighters overhead through the trees. BB-8 offers gentle warnings as she lowers behind cover, frightened that the First Order has located them.


Back in the catacombs…

An unexpected low rumble turns into massive shaking and Han and company seek a safe spot from falling debris. Upstairs chaos and screams are heard as the Castle begins to collapse from tremendous firepower. Maz leads them into a corridor escape route.


Outside the Castle near the transport…

Finn climbs the stairs, carrying a metal case as well as a pack around his shoulders. He stops at the top of the stairs when he hears a familiar sound from behind.

He turns around with a sense of dread, realizing there’ll be no running away today.


Outside Maz’s Castle…

Finn watches as the familiar silhouette of Kylo’s shuttle descends around the outside of the Castle, and explosion bringing down one of the towers. He runs back to Han and Maz looking to help.


From her hiding point in the woods…

Rey also feels the rumbling nearby and runs back to a view of the castle. Looking onward she can see the castle crumbling, patrons streaming out of the doorways as the First Order’s attack begins to devastate the structure.

Troopers are seen streaming out of their landers, assaulting anyone in their view.

She watches as an Imperial shuttle lands and the dark warrior Kylo disembarks and heads her way after receiving a report from a trooper.


In the corridor beneath the Castle…

Rocks continue to tumble from the unstable castle as Finn reunites with Han. Maz hands the old saber to Finn.

Finn expresses fears about fighting his former squad mates.

Maz tells Finn, “You must face them. Fight them!”

Finn takes the saber as troopers descend from above. Finn feels the Force at his fingertips as he grips the saber hilt. Maz uses her special skills to take out the troopers, but an explosion separates the group.

Han and Chewie are trapped in the rubble as they begin digging out.

Maz and Finn head through the wreckage to the surface where the battle rages on the perimeter of the grounds.

Maz encourages Finn that the Force will be with him.

Finn lights the blue lightsaber for the first time as Maz smiles, believing that destiny is in charge today.


In the woods…

Rey attempts to backtrack towards the Falcon but Kylo and Stormtroopers are headed straight for her.

Recognizing the warrior from the vision, she tells BB-8 to hide as she heads in a different direction.

Kylo and the troopers use speed and tactics to chase the highly acrobatic Rey as she tries to make it to the Falcon, firing her blaster to dispatch the troopers.

Kylo continues pursuit, deflecting Rey’s bolts until she is finally caught. Under threat of the sword, Kylo quizes Rey as if he knows her, asking, “Is it true… you’re just a scavenger?”

Kylo continues to probe her mind.


At the Castle Ruins…

Finn uses the saber adequately to attack several stormtroopers when he’s approached by trooper wielding a melee weapon.

Finn steps forward cautiously as the trooper ignites an electro baton and they begin a duel. As a former trooper, Finn has trained in hand-to-hand combat with baton and shield, but now the stakes are life-and-death.

Sparks ignite as the lightsaber bounces from the energy field of the baton.

As they duel, Han and Chewie emerge from the collapsed tunnel. They fire at the troopers as they assess the battlefield.

Finn is evenly matched with the specially trained trooper as they trade blows.

Just when it looks as though Finn will be bested, a massive bolt catches the trooper dead in the chest, sending him flying backwards.

Finn turns to see Chewie lowering his bowcaster, amazed at the firepower. Chewie lets out a growls as if to repay the kindness that Finn showed him earlier.

Han mentions the value of a blaster at your side as they continue the defense.

Maz leaves the trio to help her patrons, leaving Finn, Chewie and Rey to manage on their own.

Despite their best attempts to defends the grounds and reach the Falcon, Captain Phasma and the elite troops eventually surround and capture the heroes. They’re held at gunpoint while the First Order troops begin to secure the area.


Exterior of the Castle…

Kylo’s attention is interrupted by a disturbance. He tells the stormtrooper guard to return to the Castle and prepare for a counter attack. He turns and heads towards the Castle, leaving Rey with a stormtrooper guard.


Castle Perimeter…

Resistance ground troops are seen sneaking through the woods towards the Castle perimeter.

In the distance, the whine of X-Wings are heard on approach.


Across the water…

As Black Leader, Poe leads a squadron of Blue X-Wings low on the horizon, ripping across the lake towards the castle. As they near the Castle, Poe share’s his excitement over the radio.

Poe now makes all the difference as the Resistance fighters sneak up and fire on the TIE Fighters and troopers at the Castle.

“Alright, let’s light it up!” Poe exclaims as they let rip with their quad lasers. A fierce dogfight breaks out as the X-Wings and TIEs engage.

X-Wing’s create chaos on the ground as they fire at troops holding the heroes hostage.


Castle Ruins…

The heroes take the opportunity to grab their weapons and join the fight. Maz returns with support and uses her special powers to fight the First Order.


In the woods…

With the Resistance counter-attack underway and Kylo distracted, Rey attempts an escape.

Kylo knocks her unconscious with the Force and takes her to his shuttle.


Elsewhere in the woods…

BB-8 watches as the First Order troops retreat. The droid heads back towards the Castle, still attempting to fulfill his mission.


At the Castle…

The heroes gain the upper hand as the Stormtroopers attempt a retreat.

Finn lets out a shout of amazement at his friend Poe’s piloting skills.


The Castle Ruins…

With the First Order in retreat, Maz and the pirate patrons regroup in the ruins of the once great watering hole. They watch as a Resistance transport lands and General Leia disembarks with C-3PO. Maz tells Finn to quickly hand back the saber, as she tucks it in her tunic.

There’s an awkward reunion when she approaches Han and Maz to assess the situation. Han inappropriately refers to her as “princess”.

They discuss the attack and the boldness of the First OrderLeia tells them of the attack with the new Starkiller Weapon and Finn responds that he has information about the First Order installation.

BB-8 returns and they learn that Rey has been taken by Kylo. Han and Leia are upset by the news. Finn is shocked to learn that Kylo is somehow related to these legendary figures.

Leia orders everyone to return to the Resistance base where Finn will be debriefed and they will plot their next move. Maz joins Han, Chewie, Finn and BB-8 on the Falcon.


In orbit…

Poe coordinates the ships departures as they break orbit from Takodana and plot the group jump to hyperspace.

(Editor’s note) Kylo was initially trained as a Jedi before he went to the dark side. The Force is strong in his bloodline, but there is a duality to him that comes across in his unbalanced emotions.

As an apprentice of Lord Snoke, Kylo has flourished into a powerful enforcer, but there is a past that haunts him.

Kylo meditates on the helmet of Darth Vader, going to great lengths to purge himself of the light. He yearns to complete Darth Vaders goal of uniting the Galaxy under a single ruler so that all can be made to listen and obey. Peace will be gained through rule. (from the visual dictionary)


First Order – Starkiller Base

Kylo’s shuttle arrives over the Starkiller parade grounds and the captive Rey is taken to a guarded cell. In the privacy of the interrogation room, Kylo approaches Rey and states, “I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time.”

Rey stays quiet and he grows impatient with her, yet attempts a softer approach saying, “Don’t be Afraid.”

Rey scoffs at him, but Kylo seems to have a connection with Rey. He tells her that, “Together we will destroy the Resistance and the last Jedi.”

Rey tells Kylo that he shouldn’t be hiding behind a mask, and Kylo takes it off.

Kylo moves in close and attempts to use the force to reach into Rey’s mind, leaning in towards her face as he searches for the answers he seeks. “Don’t fight it, you know you can’t,” Kylo says as Rey’s face cringes.

In the silence and intensity of the moment, Rey mentally fights back and, with an intense gaze, tells him that she senses his fear and that he’ll never be as powerful as Vader. She knows his name is Ben.

Kylo’s attention is broken and he’s clearly furious as he slaps her across the face. He puts his mask back on and exits.


(Editor’s note) Many details of Act III remain sketchy at best, but we do have a general plot outline that is supported by trailer evidence.

Most of the slides in this act have reduced confidence not because of the plot details, but more because of what we don’t know. There has been a deliberate effort to withhold information about this act from trailers, toys, and other marketing. If there are secrets to be had in The Force Awakens, they are most certainly in this act.

One of the longest debates has been about Luke’s involvement in the final Act. Given the events that transpire, where is Luke? Why is he absent? Some believe that we’re going to see more of Luke than what is presented here, but for now, we are sticking to the leaked plot and not deviating.

Keep an open mind and realize that there are definitely details missing, but the general structure of the Act is here in a rough form.


Approaching the planet D’Qar

The Resistance ships and the Falcon exit hyperspace on the outskirts of the system as they approach D’Qar, navigating the icy rings that orbit the planet.

Han follows the X-Wings down towards the Resistance base and lands at the edge of the Airfield. Han, Chewie, Maz, and BB-8 descend the ramp.

Finn is the last off the ship and heads down the tarmac. The base is on full alert following the First Order attacks.

Finn follows the others as they head towards to the command center. Finn’s keenly aware of the difference between this facility and his previous life as a stormtrooper with the First Order.

At the other end of the airbase, Poe lands his black X-Wing as the ground crews rush to prep it for another sortie.


Resistance Base X-Wing Hangars…

BB-8 rolls up and reunites with his master, Poe, amazed that Finn has returned with his droid.

The two catch up on the tarmac as Finn apologizes for leaving him on Jakku. Poe says not to worry and thanks Finn for their miraculous escape.

Finn is sent to debriefing and Poe vouches for him as he’s led off to share what he knows of the First Order.


Command Center…

C-3PO comment on the return of Han and Chewbacca, contemplating how Han and Leia will get along in the near term.


In the Resistance Hangar…

Han greeted by old friends including Nien Nunb and Admiral Ackbar. They’re happy to see the aging pilot. They discuss the attack of the Starkiller and Leia tells the group that the former trooper Finn is to be debriefed to determine what he knows of the weapon.


The Resistance Control Room…

The mood is somber as the senior staff assesses recent events. They discuss the movements of the First Order. They must be ready for an attack, and begin preparations while they await Finn’s debriefing. Leia suspects Finn may be a spy.

Han disagrees and vouches for him.

BB-8 and C-3PO have been sharing information. C-3PO explains that R2 has been shut down since Luke disappeared and hasn’t been heard from since.


Leia’s Area…

Han follows Leia and they discuss family matters. After a moment of contemplation, Han tells her that Rey is worth saving, and that if there’s a chance of setting things right, they should try.


In the Resistance Control Room…

Finn has been debriefed and a report has been prepared to share the details of Starkiller Base. Finn is brought forward and the report is presented.

They are shown a representation of the planet and how the weapon functions.

The control room for the weapon is represented and they’re shown the size and critical components of the weapon’s firing mechanism.

Finn says the planet is guarded by a powerful shield that they’d need to knock out before an attack could commence. He mentions that he could help because he used to be stationed there.

Upon seeing this, those familiar with the Death Star are skeptical at the size and function, with some clearly disheartened at the new defensive capabilities of the planet. A debate between the senior staff focuses on the feasibility of an attack.

Knowing Han’s position, Finn also pleads with Leia for a chance to go to Rey before the attack. Sensing his spirit of courage and loyalty, she tells Finn they are free to try if they choose to undertake the risky mission. She’ll help as much as she can, but the focus is stopping the weapon before it can destroy another system.


Leia’s area…

Hearing of Han and Finn’s plan, the ancient Maz goes to Leia to offer support. Maz tells her, “Hope is not lost today, it is found.” The Force tugs at her heart. She wishes she could feel Luke’s presence.


The Resistance Base Tarmac…

Leia addresses the officers, pilots, and crew of the Resistance, reiterating the importance of the mission, and the reason for their attack. The base springs into action after her pep talk.

Leia finds Han, Chewie, and Finn and hands Luke’s lightsaber over to Finn. Han tells the others to go ahead while he says a goodbye to Leia.

Han and Leia share some words about Rey, Kylo and the past. She questions whether his plan is sound.

Given his history, he resents the implication, but concedes that he’s got Chewie and Finn along.

She asks how he plans to deal with Kylo and he says he’ll find a way.

She can feel the uncertainly and worries deeply for him.

He holds her close and say’s that he’ll hurry back as she fights back her emotions.

Finn gathers supplies and heads towards the Falcon armed with plenty of firepower. He bumps into Poe again and they exchange a look deep with purpose. This is something worth fighting for.

Chewie roars to the droids as the heroes board the Falcon and lift off.

“You can still save him.”

“How can I save him when Luke couldn’t?”

“Luke was a Jedi, you’re his father.”


Starkiller Base – Detention Area

Sensing the danger she is in, and not wanting another session with Kylo, Rey decides to take make a break for it.

She taps into long forgotten abilities and uses the Force to convince the troopers guarding her to let her go and makes a break for it, stealthily navigating the corridors of the base.


Resistance Control Room…

The control officer and PZ-4CO stand by at the radio console awaiting the command for the fleet to go.

The senior staff monitor the situation display as Leia gives the go-ahead for Hyperspace.


In orbit of D’Qar…

The Resistance fleet hear the mark and punch it to Hyperspace.


Starkiller Base – Detention Area…

With renewed confidence having consulted with this master, Kylo Ren returns to Rey’s cell. The stationed guards step aside as he enters the room.

Rey is nowhere to be found. His anger visible as his hands begin to shake.

He leaves the detention area and uses the Force to punish the stationed guards, unleashing the fury of the dark side. He will hunt the girl.


In Hyperspace…

Han explains the plan. They‘ve plotted a hyperspace jump directly into the planet’s atmosphere, allowing them to avoid sensor detection and land near the base. Han asks Finn what his role was at the First Order base, and Finn replies Janitor. Han is mad that Finn lied. Finn says he has a plan. While watching the countdown Han says, “And… now!”


In the atmosphere above the Ice Planet…

The Falcon exits hyperspace at a high velocity, rapidly approaching the planet’s surface. It plows through the atmosphere as it approaches a wooded area in the snow. They all scream as the Falcon crashes through the trees, bouncing in the snow as it plows ahead, eventually coming to a stop.

As they all sit there shook up, Finn lightens the moment with some humor.

They pack up their gear and head out onto the snow.


The Resistance Control Room…

The control officer reports on the Falcon’s landing and says the fleet is in route. Leia delays the fleet’s approach to buy Han some time.


Outside the Starkiller Base…

Patrols of TIEs and speeders crisscross the landscape as the crew head across the snow for an entry point to the base.

Chewie says he’s cold as they duck out of site to avoid detection from patrols.


Starkiller Base Elevator Access Point…

The crew spot an access tunnel and sneak towards it, locating an elevator access point to enter the lower levels of the base. Han ditches his coat as they draw their weapons. Chewie scouts ahead.

Han stops Finn and asks, “Are you sure you’re up for this?” to which Finn replies, “Hell no.”


Starkiller Base Corridors…

Rey sneaks through the base, avoiding Stormtrooper patrols. Her luck runs out and she confronts a trooper. She takes him out with her fighting skills and snags the trooper’s blaster.


Lower Level Elevator…

The trio take the elevator down to the detention level. The door opens and Stormtrooper is standing facing them. Han takes him out before the trooper can raise his blaster. Han say’s their luck can’t hold out forever.

But then Rey is spotted down the hallway and the group is re-united.

Rey is happy they came back for her. Together they hatch a plan.


Resistance Base Control Room…

Admiral Ackbar says to the senior staff that they’ve waited long enough, they must begin the attack. Despite the conflict in her emotions, she gives the go ahead to begin the assault.


In Hyperspace…

Poe gets the signal to begin the assault. “Red Squad, Blue Squad, take my lead,” he says to the other wings.

“I’m on it,” wing leader reports in as Nien Nunb comments that he’s ready to go.

The initial wave drops out of hyperspace near the Star Destroyer. They smash their way past the first Star Destroyer.


Second Star Destroyer Bridge…

The deck offer watches as the other Star Destroyer is quickly destroyed. Panic grips the crew as they order evasive action and launch fighters.


Space Battle…

They begin a run on the second Star Destroyer as Poe proves his skills taking out TIE fighters, BB-8 offering situational reports as they navigate the battle.

The second Star Destroyer falls.


Resistance Base Control Room…

The control room cheers as the Secret Weapon proves its worth.


In orbit of Starkiller Base…

The X-Wing’s escort the Secret Weapon closer to the planet’s surface, dogfighting the remaining TIE’s launched from the Star Destroyers.

The Secret Weapon locks on and fires at the Starkiller base shield, destroying it from orbit.


Starkiller Base Command Center…

Alarms sound as an officer updates General Hux on the attack. The base shield emitter has been knocked out and the weapon structure is now vulnerable to attack. Hux orders a counter-attack, launching a squadron of TIEs. He informs Captain Phasma to be on alert.


In Orbit…

With the shield down, Poe calls out, “All teams, give it everything you’ve got!” The X-Wing’s break off and begin their atmosphere entry towards the Starkiller Weapon emitter. BB-8 beeps nervously as a Squadron of TIE’s approach. Poe call’s out “We’ve got a lot of company!” then adjusts his flight controls as they engage.


Resistance Base Control Room…

With the X-Wings beginning their assault, Leia orders the withdrawal of the Secret Weapon. The watch telemetry as the X-Wings approach the objective. C-3PO makes a comment on the futility of the attack and Leia snaps at him.


Starkiller Base Exterior…

Thinking of their success on Endor, Han goes for a repeat. They’ll need to get into the power station and set explosives.


Starkiller Base Command Center…

A technician reports that the Starkiller Weapon is nearly charged.

General Hux orders them to fire the missile defenses, targeting all fighters in the area. An officer objects that it might hit their own ships, but Hux ruthlessly pushes the technician aside and fires the system himself.


Above the Base…

The X-Wing squads cut across the weapon emitter’s surface, firing at targets of opportunity. BB-8 monitors key systems as Poe maintains situational awareness.

An X-Wing pilot, Snap Wexley, calls in a warning that multiple missiles are inbound as he takes a hit and his X-Wing plummets towards the surface.


Starkiller Base Command Center…

Captain Phasma calls in that Han Solo is near the power station and that she’s on her way. Kylo overhears and leaves to intercept the heroes.


Weapon Power Station Entry

Chewie, Han, Finn, and Rey run into Phasma and Chewie tackles her. They force her to open lower the blast doors and then dump her in a garbage chute.


Above the base…

An X-Wing approaches the Starkiller Weapon housing and is about to open fire as he’s hit by a missile. Across the airspace, X-Wings fall.


Resistance Control Room…

The controller reports in heavy X-Wing casualties as the senior staff listen to the fighter chatter. One of the staff alerts that the weapon is nearing firing capability. A sense of dread begins to spread.


Power Station Ramparts Outer Access…

Kylo Ren arrives at the Power Station entry way and heads inside.


Inside the Power Station Substructure

One level down, Han Solo and Chewie divide their explosives so they can cover more ground quickly. Han gives a heart-felt thanks to Chewie.


Power Station Rampart Door…

Stormtroopers attempting to gain entry snap to attention at Kylo’s arrival.

He orders them to open the door by any means necessary.


Inside the Power Station Substructure

Han finishes placing an explosive and heads down to the next level. The kids head up to another level to plant additional explosives.


Power Station Rampart Door…

The trooper open the door and Kylo enters to peer down into the abyss of the substructure levels. He senses his target, but sends the stormtroopers away so that he can deal with the heroes himself.

As the stormtroopers pass by, Chewie quickly sneaks past, planting another explosive.


Starkiller Base Command Center…

The command staff report that all X-Wings are eliminated. Hux orders the Starkiller Weapon to begin firing sequence.


Resistance Base Control Room…

The staff is devastated, all X-Wings appear down. The computer calculates that the weapon is capable of firing. All seems lost.


Power Station Lower Level…

Kylo senses his prey is near and ignites the plasma sword as he stalks the ramparts. Han Solo is hidden nearby but seeing Kylo, decides to reveal himself, gun drawn. He calls out to get Kylo’s attention.


Power Station Upper Level…

Finn and Rey arrive in the level above Chewbacca, but they are all fixated on the encounter below between Han and Kylo as stormtroopers aim their weapons.


Power Station Lower Level…

Han pleads with Kylo, and asks him to take of his helmet. He tells him that Snoke is only using him for power, asking him to come with him. Kylo says, “It’s too late.” Han says, “No it’s not. Leave here with me. Come home. We miss you.” “I’m being torn apart. I want to be free of this pain. And I know what I have to do, but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it. Will you help me?” Han replies, “Yes, anything.” As they draw close to embrace, Kylo a dark cloud covers the sky. Kylo stabs Han saying, “Thank you.” Han puts a hand on Ben’s face as he falls into an abyss, silenced forever.


Resistance Base Control Room…

Leia sways and nearly collapses as the Force overwhelms her heart with the events at Starkiller base. She closes her eyes in grief.


Power Station Upper Level…

Chewbacca lets out an enraged barrage of roars and unleashes a rain of bolts towards Kylo, hitting him in the hip as the dark enforces looks up at the source of fire and deflects the blasts away with his sword.

Stormtroopers begin firing as the heroes attempt to flee.

More trooper arrive near Chewie and the Wookiee is forced into a corner. He pulls out the explosives detonator and thumbs the trigger.


Power Station Lower Level…

Explosions go off throughout the power station causing chaos. Everyone is forced to flee as the power station is brought offline by the devastation. Rey and Finn head out an access door to the surface but can’t find Chewie. The kids head into the woods away from the explosions.

Kylo Ren storms out of the Station, furious and determined. He heads into the forest after the kids.


Deep in the Starkiller Emitter Superstructure…

A black X-Wing has survived the onslaught and is deep in the weapon emitter’s superstructure. Poe let’s rip with a payload and the entire Starkillerbase complex begins to crumble with explosions.


The Woods…

As Rey and Finn try to get their bearings, Kylo stalks them into the woods. Unable to find the Falcon, they’re turned around and seemingly lost.

They heroes come face to face with Kylo and there’s a verbal confrontation. Kylo uses the Force to knock out Rey.

Feeling out of options and remembering what Maz said, Finn pulls the saber from his belt and ignites it, the blue blade glowing in the night. Finn challenges Kylo with the saber. Kylo responds by saying, “That weapon is mine!”

Finn duels Kylo and gets in a slash to Kylo’s shoulder. His bravery is immense, but Finn is quickly bested as Kylo disarms Finn, the blue saber flying off into the snow.

Kylo slashes Finn. With Finn dying in the snow, Rey is unable to contain the Force swelling in her.

As Kylo attempts to use the force to pull Luke’s sword from the snow, it instead flies to her hand and she too challenges Kylo. She gives him a gash on his face.

Heavily injured, Kylo fights her to a draw. As Rey is about to land a blow, the ground beneath them collapses. Kylo falls to an unknown fate. Rey runs back to Finn’s side, sobbing. Just as it seems all is lost Chewbacca arrives in the Falcon to gather the duo and head for orbit.


Starkiller Base Command Center…

Phasma barks orders at base technicians but they flee in panic.


Starkiller Base – Great Hall…

General Hux stands before Snoke to report that the weapon has been greatly damaged with the entire superstructure going critical, causing massive damage across the landscape. Snoke tells Hux to bring him Kylo Ren so that he may complete his training.


In Orbit…

The Falcon dodges and weaves through the clouds of ship debris. They make contact with Poe and together plot a jump back to the Resistance Base as Starkiller base explodes in spectacular fashion.


The Resistance Base…

Chewie, Finn and Rey return to the base with tears of joy and sorrow. They’ve won a victory against the First Order and retrieved Rey, but the hero Han Solo is dead. Rey bids a farewell to the injured Finn in the medical bay as C-3PO wakes up R2 and together with BB-8, decipher the clue which unlocks a the location of the lost Jedi, Luke Skywalker.

Rey, Chewie, and BB-8 return to the Falcon and take off. Rey looks back at Leia as she prepares to depart. Chewie playfully messes up Rey’s hair in an enduring gesture. They exit as the base watches.


Luke’s Refuge…

Chewie and Rey take the Falcon to a remote island of an unknown world. Rey walks up stone steps, leading to the top holding the old lightsaber.

At the top of the refuge, she finds a robed figure, standing in solitude.

The figure turns and throws off his hood revealing Luke Skywalker.

Rey returns the saber to the old Jedi Master.

The music swells… The End…

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